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editions, promos, imports and music memorabilia from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s
and 2000's right through to today. We have buyers spanning the globe
sourcing product on a daily basis. We have been serving serious music fans
and music collectors since 1986 and have over 100,000 satisfied customers
We pride ourselves on our exceptional standard of customer service.
Ordering from us either via Music Stack or our own web site is always easy
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have been serving the music collector since 1986, so you can order in
confidence. Your personal and credit card details are protected by Thawte
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   Artist  Title   Format Price USD
WIGCD294P Ex To Mint villagers awayland (official 2012 uk domino label 11-track promotional cd for the beautiful mercury nominated second studio album from conor obrien & co including the s...
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VillagersBecoming A Jackal
Domino Records WIGCD253 Ex To Mint villagers becoming a jackal (2010 uk 11-track cd the mercury prize nominated debut album from the irish indie folk band including the singles becoming a jac...
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VillagersDarling Arithmetic - Gold Vinyl
Domino WIGLP330X Ex To Mint villagers darling arithmetic (2015 uk limited edition 9-track lp featuring the third studio album from conor obrien pressed on / heavyweight gold vinyl / <
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VillagersOccupy Your Mind
RUG582CDP Ex To Mint villagers occupy your mind (2014 uk domino label 1-track promotional only cd for the limited edition 7 single [issued for record store day] featuring the non-album recording...
   CD Single$9.24
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VillagersThe Pack (I'll Be Your Fever)
Domino Ex To Mint villagers the pack (ill be your fever) (2011 uk 1-track promotional cd single from the irish indie folk band custom stamped disc & picture sleeve in slimline jewel case r...
   CD Single$13.20
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VillagersThe Waves
RUG488CDP Ex To Mint villagers the waves (official 2012 uk domino label 3-track promotional-only cd for the single taken from the beautiful {awayland} album including both the radio & orig...
   CD Single$9.24
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VillagersWhere Have You Been All My Life?
WIGCD368P Ex To Mint villagers where have you been all my life? (2016 uk domino label 12-track promotional cd for the album which was recorded in one day by conor obrien at londons legendary r...
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